Cescca is upcycled natural fiber fabric + hand-spun natural fiber yarn. It's fashion, it's art, it's sustainable home goods. Cescca is a lifestyle. It's mine, and it can be yours too.

It's Yarn.

But Different.

A new take on sustainable fashion & art

So, why cescca?

Cescca, the shortened feminine form of Francesco, comes from the name of my late grandfather. (Yup, I added a 'c." It's my twist.)


Francesco Giancarlo and I were as close as a grandpa and his first and only granddaughter can be. I decided to arrive on his birthday, and with my blonde hair and blue eyes, I was his China Doll from day one. I knew I would name my brand after him long before he passed away, and I wish I had told him what he meant to me, and to my dream of Cescca then. 


So here it is, Cescca, the legacy of my dear grandpa.



It's yarn, but different. Sustainable, stunning, and made to last.


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