Cescca is upcycled natural fiber fabric + hand-spun natural fiber yarn. It's fashion, it's art, it's sustainable home goods. Cescca is a lifestyle. It's mine, and it can be yours too.

It's Yarn.

But Different.

A new take on sustainable fashion & art

So, why cescca?

Cescca, the shortened feminine form of Francesco, comes from the name of my late grandfather. (Yup, I added a 'c." It's my twist.)


Francesco Giancarlo and I were as close as a grandpa and his first and only granddaughter can be. I decided to arrive on his birthday, and with my blonde hair and blue eyes, I was his China Doll from day one. I knew I would name my brand after him long before he passed away, and I wish I had told him what he meant to me, and to my dream of Cescca then. 


So here it is, Cescca, the legacy of my dear grandpa.